Move your database to the Cloud: Understand, Design, Migrate, Manage, and Monitor Azure SQL Database

Level 300 – Advanced
Type Full-day
Speaker Roberto Cavalcanti
Early Bird 130€ Until 1st of september
Regular 150€ after 1st of september
Location Microsoft Danmark – Kanalvej 7, 2800 Lyngby
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Understand how Azure SQL Database works, This Azure SQL Database pre-con provides you the knowledge and tools necessary to understand the capabilities and usage of cloud databases. It will help you get familiar with the Azure SQL Database concepts. It will also help to learn how to migrate, manage, monitor and troubleshoot your Azure SQL Database solution. You will learn the difference between the Azure SQL Database (PaaS) and SQL Server on-premises and which benefits Azure SQL Database can have for your applications and SQL environment. After attending this pre-con, you will be able to:

  • Know the newest and most important features to manage your Azure SQL Database
  • Design scalable architectures
  • Design Disaster Recovery plans
  • Manage security on your Azure SQL Database
  • Monitor and troubleshoot Azure SQL Database
  • Face a migration project


Module 1: Introduction to Azure SQL Database

This module provides an overview of the basic concepts of Azure SQL Database and will cover:

  • Architecture, service tiers and DTUs
  • Create and connect to Azure SQL Database
  • Difference between SQL Server on Azure VM and Azure SQL Database
  • How to choose between IaaS and PaaS solution

Module 2: Azure SQL Database Administration

This module covers the different Azure SQL Database administration tasks like:

  • Scaling up or down your database
  • Scheduling jobs
  • Commonly used DMVs and supported features in Azure SQL Database
  • Various Disaster Recovery options

Module 3: Manage Security

This module covers the different options to manage security for an Azure SQL Database like:

  • Configuring Active Directory security
  • Always Encrypted
  • Row Level Security and Dynamic Data Masking
  • Auditing and threat detection

Module 4: Monitoring and Troubleshooting

This module covers the different tools for monitoring the performance of your database like:

  • Query Store
  • Extended Events
  • Index Advisor
  • Configure alerts to enable proactive monitoring

Module 5: Database Migration

This module covers the different strategies to migrate your on-premises database to Azure SQL Database and will cover:

  • How to analyze the database for compatibility issues
  • The different migration methods

Bio Roberto Cavalcanti
Roberto Cavalcanti is a Mission Critical Premier Field Engineer for Microsoft’s customers with the most critical systems running in the Azure Data Platform. He is a database specialist with over 20 years of experience. Roberto is passionate about SQL Server customer support, focusing on helping Microsoft improve its database products, and customers to make the most of their Azure Database implementations. He has been supporting Azure SQL Database since its inception, when it was still called “SQL Azure”. Roberto has written many articles about Azure SQL Database for MSDN/TechNet, SQL Magazine, and has been a speaker for Microsoft in internal and external events such as TechReady, Microsoft Insights/TechEd, SQL Saturday. He has delivered SQL trainings to many Microsoft SQL professionals in multiple countries in the Americas, and in Europe. Roberto is based at the Microsoft Support Center in Las Colinas, Texas, USA.