Automating the administration of SQL Server using dbatools

Level 300 – Advanced
Type Full-day
Speaker Rob Sewell
Early Bird 130€ Until 1st of March
Regular 150€ after March 1st.
Location Microsoft Danmark – Kanalvej 7, 2800 Lyngby

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Join Rob Sewell, a dbatools contributors and co-author of ‘dbatools in a Month of Lunches’ for a day of SQL Server and dbatools.
dbatools is an open-source cross-platform PowerShell toolkit for SQL Server DBAs.
With over 150 contributors from the SQL and PowerShell communities, dbatools is designed and written by the people who use it in their everyday work. Spend a day with Rob and learn

Automation – When you are responsible for a number of SQL Instances automating tasks is vital.

Consistency – When a script run it will do the same thing every time. It won’t forget to copy the WHERE clause into the query!

Expertise – Gaining more knowledge, developing skills and being able to improve your productivity will have a positive bearing on your career There will be many practical examples of how dbatools can help to save time in DBA administration duties –

Creating Availability Groups – Syncing Agent Jobs and Logins between replicas – Finding SQL Instances on your estate –

Working with Central Management Server
– Disaster Recovery
– Backup Testing
– Simple instance migrations
– Complex instance migrations
– Tracking Activity
– Working with other community tools with dbatools
– Encompassing dbatools in DevOps
– Using dbachecks

Even better, you will be able to ask questions, meet other people and learn together and make connections that will be of benefit in the future as you take this knowledge and use it in your day to day work.

Learning to use dbatools will also teach you how to use PowerShell and PowerShell interacts with many technologies so you will also be gaining knowledge that you will be able to make use of when you are faced with interacting with other technologies. This day-long session will be of benefit to any level of DBA looking after estates with one or more instances who have a little knowledge of PowerShell.