Index Analysis and Performance Improvement

Level 300 – Advanced
Type Full-day
Speaker Uwe Ricken
Price Early Bird 130€ Until 1st of March 2020
Regular 150€ after March 1st, 2020 
Location Microsoft Danmark – Kanalvej 7, 2800 Lyngby

Image result for dbberater" It is not always the wrong configuration of a Microsoft SQL Server which causes bad running applications.
Quite often you’ll find design problems in the database, bad indexes or a mix of all together. This demo based workshop shows daily indexing problems and solutions with SQL Server prior to 2017 and new improvements in 2017/2019.

Equipped with the basics of row based indexes we walk through different detailed examples and build solutions for common problems based on wrong indexing and/or database design. Fasten seat belts for the following topics which will be handled in 10 lab scenarios in detail:

  • HEAP / Clustered Index / non clustered Index – basics of indexing
  • What key is an ideal candidate for a clustered index?
  • Analysis of workloads is an essential part for a good determination
  • Importance of statistics for efficient queries
  • Index Improvements in SQL 2017/2019
  • sargable vs nonsargable queries
  • good and bad parallelism scenarios
  • importance of correct data types